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Free Bingo

free_bingoMany bingo houses try to attract new and to keep their regular players by offering them completely free of charge bingo games. In most cases free bingo can be played in certain rooms and in excactly defined periods, about which you can usually find information on bingo promotion site.

Prize fund for free games is different in every bingo house and varies from few cents to few dozens of euro. In most bingo houses in order to play free bingo you have to have credit on your account, but there are some of them that don't even require that. Also, in most cases, winnings are credited on the bonus account which means it can't be paid out but you can only use it to purchase bingo cards.

Very often free tickets can be advanced to so called Super tickets. In these cases the winnings with free tickets can bring you significantly higher prizes with which is possible to win a Jackpot. Still, in order for every player to have an equal opportunity, maximum emount of tickets for one call is the same regardless if it is a free or a super ticket. As opposed to usual games you cannot purchase free game tickets in advance but you need to do that before every game play.

Playing free bingo will hardly get you some big money, but still your chances are just as everyone elses and each winning will surely bring you joy. No matter if you're lucky or not, playing free bingo, especially for beginners can be very usefull in order to get to know know the rules of the game, to get used to game itself and to aquire indispensable experience that can help you in further playing.