Online Bingo

There are many games of luck on the Internet which can bring you some fun, enjoying time and with some luck you can also earn some money. One of the best among them is online bingo.

Thanks to the widespreadnes of the Internet today online bingo is available in the whole world and is equally popular among both genders as it is among all age groups. Monetary rewards which can be won in each game, and also the possibility of winning a high jackpot significantly contribute to the popularity of this game.

what is online bingo

What is Online Bingo

To play online bingo is very simple. All you have to do is to register on a bingo site, choose a game and a bingo room you like and purchase bingo cards (tickets). Bingo cards can be purchased for each game, the balls are drawn randomly and the numbers called are read out loud by the bingo hosts. The result cannot be predicted or controled since the numbers are drawn randomly and therefore all the players have an equal chance of winning.

There are no tricks or secrets with online bingo. In order to have more chances of winning a player can buy maximum emount of tickets, but that is also something that other players can do. Another option that could get you a winning would be only a few players in the room.The disadvantage in that case would be a humbler prize.

It is possible to play online bingo for free (free bingo) or with bought tickets. You can play free bingo mostly on sponsor’s sites which in this way are trying to attract new players. The disadvantage of free bingo sites are much hubler monetary prizes then they are on sites where you need to deposit. Many of the bingo sites where the tickets are bought also offer a possibility of playing free bingo for new players, where the player after being registered gets a certain emount of bonus with no need to credit.

Possibility of playing free bingo is a big help for new players which in this way have an opportunity to get to know the game an to aqiure the needed experience before they decide to deposit. The same goes for the sites which offer free bingo games with no deposit bonuses, which enables a player to study the site well before they decide to deposit. With some luck it is also possible to win money on free bingo games.

Many bingo sites have wellcome bonuses for new players or some other conveniences in order to attract new users. Many of them also offer different kinds of promotions on daily basis in such as of free bingo cards, ticket discounts, free games etc., or they organize reward games with some worthy prizes.
A big advantage of online bingo is the convenience of playing within the warmth of your home, every day in any time of the day. Moreover a player doesn’t even have to be at the computer since most of the bingo sites offer a possibility of automatic purchasing of bingo tickets (auto buy), whereas the possibility of purchasing bingo tickets for certain term (schedule buy).

Most of the bingo sites have chat rooms where during the game a player can communicate with other players and the chatroom host, which is also the representative of the bingo house. This is one of the greatest advantages of playing online bingo which makes it more appealing than any other form of bingo. Bingo chat enables encounters of players from all parts of the world, encourages new friendships and contributes to pleasant surrounding of the game.

How to play Online Bingo

bingo ballsBingo is a very popular and simple casino game of luck with no skills or knowledge required to be able to play online. After registration at a bingo house a player buys bingo cards for a certain game. Total number of balls drawn depends on a type of bingo game (90, 80 or 75 balls). Player simply keeps track of calls and covers numbers called on a bingo ticket with no possibility to influence the result.
That is even more simple with online bingo because the numbers drawn are automatically marked on purchased bingo cards whereby the most succesful tickets are shown on the top of the screen.

Online bingo is played in so called ˝bingo rooms˝. Every bingo house has several bingo rooms which are usually different by the tipe of game and height of the prize. Though mostly only one game is played in each bingo room the emount of the prize, price of the tickets and maximum quota of tickets are usually changed for each game. There are games that have special properties or promotions like BOGOF bingo, special jackpots and prizes etc. Some bingo houses have mixed rooms where several types of games are played intermittently.

After registering at a bingo house the player will first go to so called ˝Lobby˝ from where he/she can choose a room and a game he/she wishes to play. There is usually a name of the room in the lobby and information about the beginning of the next game, the height of the prize, price and the max tickets, the amount of the possible jackpot, number of registered players and all other pertinent information. Based on this information a player can choose a suitable game according to his/her own financial power, expectations and other preferences.
A player usually has a better chance of winning a prize if played with more bingo cards in a room with less players. At the same time the rooms with higher prize fund and a possibility of winning a jackpot are usually more attractive to most players. Still there are a lot of different criteria based on which you can choose a game wanted, chat friends, design of the game etc.

After choosing and entering a bingo room a player is offered to purchase cards for the proximate game, whereby many bingo houses offer a possibility to manually choose bingo tickets. After the game beginns the player can lay back and keep track of calls and automatically filling in of his/her tickets. In order to make it more dramatically the most succesful tickets are shown at the top of the screen whereby the tickets are marked with different colors considering the number of fields marked. Because it is not possible for player to influence the course of game he/she has the time to join the bingo chat. Almost all online bingo sites have the possibility of chat in all rooms and it is the friendly environment that makes an important factor when choosing a bingo game, and besides that it is also possible to win worthy prizes on chat. It is also possible to ask help from the host in case of problems or perplexity concerning the current game.

It is possible to play online bingo without constantly being present at the computer screen by purchasing the cards in advance which is usually possible to do from the lobby of a bingo house. Therewith a player can choose a game from a daily schedule and purchase wished emount of cards.This certainly makes sense considering the differences in price between tickets and the worth of the prizes so a player can play certain game only with cards of a certain price.

Bingo Games

bingo funA goal of a bingo game is for the player covers all of the fields on a certain template of a bingo card, appearance of which depends on the type of a game.Type of a game is determined by the number of bingo balls contained in the drum that are drawn during the game.

Number of prizes in each game also depends on type of game, that is to say the number of templates in the game and varies from one to five prizes. The emount of each prize separately and alltogether prizes depends on the emount credited for ticket purchase and increases with every new ticket bought. In practice a game with many players will have a higher prize fund. The least value of the prize is the one with simple templates and fewer fields. The closer the end of the game is the higher is the value of the prize.The prize is higher when a player marks all of the fields on a ticket bought. If more than one players win the prize it is then equally shared.
In Many bingo games there is very often a progressive jackpot which can get a quite of a monetary rewad to a player. Jackpot is usually won if one of the players wins the Full House, that is to say marks all of the fields on a ticket before a certain call.

Maximum number of calls is determined for every jackpot. The higher the jackpot is the number of maximum calls is fewer. If the jackpot is not won in a game, the emount is increased and transferred to another game . Maximum number of tickets which can be bought by each player is determined for each game separately and is usually mentioned in the anouncement of the game just as it is when buying a ticket.

Every bingo site has its own rules and therefore on some of them a player has to mark the number himself/herself while on some it is done by the software. There are also sites that leave a choice between the two to a player. In most cases numbers are marked automatically and the most succesful of them are announced at the same time by the software.

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo90 balls bingo is the most popular and widespread type of bingo.In this game there are 90 balls in the drum and just the same emount of numbers on every ticket which has three horisontal lines and nine columns. Each line contains five numbers and four free spaces. First column contains numbers from one – nine , second column contains the numbers from ten – nineteen etc. There are three winning teplates in this game and accordingly there can be three winners for each game. First player that marks all the numbers in one line (1 Line) wins the first prize. Second prize is for a first player that marks all of the numbers in two lines ( 2 lines). The last and the highest prize is Full house, when a player marks all of the fifteen numbers on a ticket. It is very important to emphasize that one player can win several prizes during one game.

75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo75 ball bingo game originates from northern America and it is most popular in America and Canada. The 75 ball bingo card has five columns and lines. The center part is shaded. First column (B column) contains numbers from one to fifteen and after that there are columns I, N, G and O and each of them contains 15 numbers so that there are alltogether 75 numbers in a game.

There are two tipes of 75 ball bingo game:

75 ball bingo with a template – The American Bingo

In this game the center field is marked as free which is automatically covered by every player. Every other free space on a card is randomly filled with numbers, according to B-I-N-G-O template.

Every bingo game comes with a different random template which has to be filled by the player. The appearance of the template is different for every separate game, and some of them you can see in the picture bellow.There is only one prize in this game which is won by the player which fills all of the fields on a template.

75 ball bingo with no template

In this game all of the fields on a card are filled in with numbers and there are five prizes, which are won by filling separate lines on a card. In most cases there are only horizontal lines though in some rooms the first line can be filled in vertically or diagonally. First prize is won by the first player that fills a line and after that there are prizes for the second, third and fourth line and the entire card. There is also a possibility of winning a progressive jackpot in some rooms in this game.

80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingoOne of the last bingo innovations is a 80 ball bingo game. It is similar to the 75 ball game, only with few minor alterations. Every bingo card has a 4×4 grid and every column is in another colour, red, yellow, blue and silver. There are alltogether 16 numbers to be covered on every card. The first column contains numbers from 1 -20 , the other from 21-0, the third From 41 – 59 and fourth from 60 – 80 and it indeed is not hard to find location of a certain number.There are numerous templates on 80 balls bingo.The simplest are the ones with four horizontal lines but like in the 75 ball bingo they can be in various forms. There is also a progressive jackpot.

30 ball bingo

The 30 ball bingo game is the last one of the innovations in the world of bingo and it is actually a quick alernative of the bingo game.The card is in a 3×3 grid and there are maximum 30 numbers.The columns are not specially marked but it is easy to locate a number within only nine squares. Considering there are only 30 numbers there are more games played within an hour then in other bingo games and hence the name ˝Speed Bingo˝. Advantage of this game is that you can play it when you don’t have enough time for 75 or 90 ball bingo.There isn’t a lot of templates regarding there are only nine squares so it is usually played only for Full House but there is still a progressive jackpot.

Free Bingo

free bingo gamesMany bingo houses try to attract new and to keep their regular players by offering them completely free of charge bingo games. In most cases free bingo can be played in certain rooms and in excactly defined periods, about which you can usually find information on bingo promotion site.

Prize fund for free games is different in every bingo house and varies from few cents to few dozens of euro. In most bingo houses in order to play free bingo you have to have credit on your account, but there are some of them that don’t even require that. Also, in most cases, winnings are credited on the bonus account which means it can’t be paid out but you can only use it to purchase bingo cards.

Very often free tickets can be advanced to so called Super tickets. In these cases the winnings with free tickets can bring you significantly higher prizes with which is possible to win a Jackpot. Still, in order for every player to have an equal opportunity, maximum emount of tickets for one call is the same regardless if it is a free or a super ticket. As opposed to usual games you cannot purchase free game tickets in advance but you need to do that before every game play.

Playing free bingo will hardly get you some big money, but still your chances are just as everyone elses and each winning will surely bring you joy. No matter if you’re lucky or not, playing free bingo, especially for beginners can be very usefull in order to get to know know the rules of the game, to get used to game itself and to aquire indispensable experience that can help you in further playing.